Publish a release

Write a changelog

Update the changelog with a short summary of your merged pull requests.

To get a list of your PRs since the last tag:

where 6.0.5 is the last tag and bilke is to be substituted by your GitHub user name. This outputs:

0447b58 Merge pull request #1234 from bilke/remove-osg-converter
a26da79 Merge pull request #1230 from bilke/disallow-win-32bit
6db9bf6 Merge pull request #1231 from bilke/ctest-large

To find out more about a PR use git show:

And use git log with the second hash after Merge::

Publish to website

  • Tag the release commit as an annotated tag (git tag -a 6.0.8 -m "OpenGeoSys Release 6.0.8")
  • Create a new release on GitHub
  • Fill in the release notes
  • Start the ufz/master Jenkins job manually and check that it ran successfully! (Do not push to master until job ran successfully!)
  • Copy release binaries from Jenkins job to GitHub release page

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